Teechalla – And Cut That’s A Wrap Harrison Kindergarten Edition Shirt

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Vogue’s March issue honed in on movement. After almost a year of stillness, spring collections seemed to break free from stasis even designers’ look books and collection films swirled with motion. It felt like a thrilling look ahead to re-emergence when the world can resume dancing, running, and embracing one another. The March issue’s index page focused on movement too, but as it relates to getting around something the pandemic has also made us reconsider.In years past, deciding how to get from point A to point B was a simple game of efficiency. Considerations included: possible subway delays, the rain forecast, and whether or not car traffic showed up green, orange, or red on Google Maps. Now, the act of getting there has become just as enticing as the arrival.

And Cut That's A Wrap Harrison Kindergarten Edition Shirt

“I am really excited about it because it’s so rare to see new and innovative products in the beauty market,” says celebrity makeup artist Sandy Ganzer, who was drawn not just to the ring’s sheer beauty, but its convenience on set especially during the pandemic where special safety protocols are in place. “As makeup artists, pre-COVID-19 we’d all just used the backs of our hands out of convenience, and this is a chic and hygienic alternative,” explains Ganzer. “I can see myself using this for lip and concealer touch-ups constantly.” Ganzer is also excited about Doublemoss Arte’s next launch, the Artist Palette Cuff, which is currently in design and will cover the top of your hand “almost like hand armor,” says Goldstein, adding that it will offer even more space to work with, and thus find broader appeal among makeup artists.

And Cut That's A Wrap Harrison Kindergarten Edition Shirt Teechalla hoodie den

While the Artist Palette ring boasts sheer objet d’art beauty, ultimately it was Goldstein’s answer to the unique challenges artists face working on editorial and campaign photoshoots. “As a nail artist, I am usually working alongside hair and makeup to get the talent ready quickly to be on camera,” she explains. “More often than not, we are in a confined space with not much table area available for us to use. I would try everything from using my glove to the lid of a disposable coffee cup as my palette. This was not only messy, but not sustainable.” For Goldstein’s fellow pros, her innovative solution is a thrilling game-changer.

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