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It was plain for me to see on the bodies of the survivors I met during a reporting trip to Iraq, a few years ago. Amid the stifling heat of Baghdad, I spent time with several young Iraqi women. I learned from them that anxious parents were forcing their daughters into child marriages because they believed that marital homes would protect their daughters from the rising tide of chaos engulfing the post-Saddam Hussein nation. In reality, their children only found abuse and violence at the hands of husbands or in-laws. One survivor, who said she’d been married off at age 12, sat with me in a walled garden and calmly pointed out the raised scars that covered her fingers and ears, reminders of the savage beatings she had suffered at the hands of her older husband. By the time we met, she’d escaped the brutality of her marriage and was living in a secret women’s shelter in the Iraqi capital, finally free from her husband’s cruelty, but still very much a captive of her terror-filled memories.

Kirishima eijirou red riot shirt

Back in Atlanta, renowned gynecologist and Nobel Laureate Denis Mukwege spoke with great sadness in his eyes, as he described to me the seemingly never-ending stream of shattered female bodies that he had treated on his Panzi hospital operating table in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Year after year, he cared for survivors, some barely old enough to walk, others weakened by age—every one of them subjected to unspeakable sexual violence by men acting with complete impunity. “We all come from women… how can men do such terrible things?”  Dr. Mukwege wondered aloud.

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It took the kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls from their boarding school in northeastern Nigeria in April 2014 to bring things into even sharper focus for me. The girls were abducted by the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, from a region of the country embroiled in a long-running conflict between the militants and the Nigerian federal government. Loosely translated, “Boko Haram” means Western education is forbidden and the militants were especially opposed to the education of these young women. Their plight struck a chord with me.

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