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Not to open on too much of a downer, but something about Katy Perry’s American Idol bathroom selfie stirred a feeling in me that I thought had died over lockdown. It’s not that I completely lost my hope for a good party over the last year; I still believed in a brighter, post-pandemic life. But the constant desire to regain what had been taken away—basic freedoms we all took for granted—started to hurt more than they inspired. I was cocooned in the imaginary fever dream of a party until, suddenly, I wasn’t. As the months dragged, I stopped reminiscing for my old life—the jazzy shirts and pinchy shoes—and succumbed to soft clothes and heightened screen time of extrovert purgatory. In what I assume is a survival mechanism for the chronically gregarious, I adapted a lightly agoraphobic approach to living, focusing on my immediate surroundings and shunning the outside world. I stopped pinning for nuggets of adventure.

If it doesn't challenge you it doesnt change you shirt

But all was not lost. That party feeling wasn’t dead, so much as deeply buried like Excalibur—Katy Perry my King Arthur prising it free. The pop princess in a nice dress, teetering on the bog like a bird on a wire, instantaneously reminded me of being out-out. Not an afternoon at the cinema alone, not a date with my husband, not dinner with friends, or the thrill of being out on a school night. I remembered that feeling of being properly out. All the way out. Stellar nights of unparalleled brilliance dialed up to a billion, soaring upwards and outwards, past the point of no return, not a drop of energy for the journey back, no parachute for the descent. Now, as she works on her next album, UMI is bringing her confidence lessons to the process. “I’ve learned throughout my journey that it’s safe for me to be myself,” she says. “There’s no reason for me to hide anything. That’s been really a great practice. I feel more alive when I’m more myself. By being myself, I mean being able to express my inner thoughts and embracing my goofy side and my gentle sides, wearing the things that make me happy, and doing that despite what I feel people might think. I let those judgments go.”

If it doesn't challenge you it doesnt change you unisex hoodie

You might have missed this feeling too? The unbridledness of a proper party, of old friends or new people and light-up dancefloors or dingy kitchen discos with a phone in a pint glass. I forgot how good it feels to be footloose and fancy-free, drinking doubles and giving good face. In my weakest moments, I even miss bumping into people I don’t like and making awkward small talk while trying to Poltergeist them away. I miss the swollen feet and the feeling of other people’s drinks on my clothes. I miss missing the “are you okay?” texts from my husband as unread news alerts vibrate in my pocket. I miss giving hugs to absolutely anyone (okay, maybe we’ll never get back to the point someone identifies as a hugger and we don’t all flinch). I miss meeting a new best friend, a soulmate, a stranger that’s changing my life forever and knowing I’m invincible with her at my side. I miss immediately losing her, and my phone, and the cloakroom ticket.

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