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I found that a challenge, but I really enjoyed it. It’s funny because you read scripts afterward, and it’s like, oh, gosh, how disappointing. It’s like, [a character is] hanging the Peace love music shirt But I will love this washing while her husband watches football on TV. So I liked that [in I Hate Suzie] sexuality was challenged, patriarchy was challenged, background was challenged—it was all in there, but weaved in in that subtle, brilliant, Lucy Prebble way, where it’s not “let’s make a whole episode about this.” It’s just unquestioned. It’s like a piece of music, Lucy’s writing. It’s so dense and verbose, I just wanted to make sure I did it justice.


But as I am tasked to downsize (mostly by my husband, who jokingly calls me Imelda Marcos), I think about the Hutechtee – Peace love music shirt and by the same token and ones I actually wear—and the reality, as hard as it is to admit to myself, is that I wear the same 10 pairs of shoes day in and day out. It turns out, despite my many pairs of jewel-encrusted kitten heels, I am a minimalist at heart. Even with this downsized shoe closet, I realize that I’ll still remember that perfect date night even after those fabulous mules leave my closet and I can live with fewer pairs as long as they are the right pairs. I also discovered closet cleaning as a powerful stress reliever during a time filled with so many unknowns and anxiety. Plus, my shoe closet lives on with two of my closest friends who luckily wear the same size and welcome the hand-me-downs. They’ll make their own memories wearing them!

Peace love music shirt

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And female friendship can be all of those things. I think if you’ve been friends with someone since you were very young, often you get stuck in this sort of dynamic where you’re that person and she’s that person. And then sometimes that person doesn’t really want you to evolve. And then it gets sticky because there can be, you know, jealousy and codependency and neediness. And it’s not examined enough on TV. It’s always, like, a romantic lead and then two key friends and they’re always out having margaritas and it’s all fine. So I think it’s nice to see the Peace love music shirt But I will love this barbed uncomfortableness of a female friendship, when you’re so close and you love each other, but you don’t always like each other, and your roots have sort of intertwined, but then you’re actually like, I don’t know if you make me happy anymore. I haven’t had the Suzie-Naomi relationship, quite, but I’ve had glimmers of having to sit down with friends and go, “Are we okay? This feels a bit off. And it’s weird that we’re even talking about it, but I don’t want to dread your phone calls, and I don’t want you to dread my phone calls.”

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