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For application, she used a flat brush to blend matte black shadow from Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres palette in Modern Glamour into the Daydreamer shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this lids and crease, then used a round brush to smudge out and soften the edges for a diffused effect. Heavy-handed swipes of the Stylo Yeux pencil in Noir Intense were administered for extra definition. Clear, shiny lips and blurry, matte skin offset the kohl-smudged eyes for a fresh yet edgy-elegant equation. Given the backdrop of this year’s holiday season, having a decidedly dark and gritty alternative to festive glitz and sparkle feels, well, right. Plus, there’s always some comfort in returning to a too-cool classic.


But as I am tasked to downsize (mostly by my husband, who jokingly calls me Imelda Marcos), I think about the Hutechtee – Daydreamer shirt and by the same token and ones I actually wear—and the reality, as hard as it is to admit to myself, is that I wear the same 10 pairs of shoes day in and day out. It turns out, despite my many pairs of jewel-encrusted kitten heels, I am a minimalist at heart. Even with this downsized shoe closet, I realize that I’ll still remember that perfect date night even after those fabulous mules leave my closet and I can live with fewer pairs as long as they are the right pairs. I also discovered closet cleaning as a powerful stress reliever during a time filled with so many unknowns and anxiety. Plus, my shoe closet lives on with two of my closest friends who luckily wear the same size and welcome the hand-me-downs. They’ll make their own memories wearing them!

Daydreamer shirt

This is the Official Hutechtee – Daydreamer shirt, and the best for birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Teacher’s, Mother’s Day, gift, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, President, Trump, Autism, LGBT, Hobbies, Family, Friends, Camping, Hiking, Camp Fire, Veteran, Film, Independence Day, Black Friday….

Daydreamer s sweatshirt

In lockdown, showers have become my most sacred ritual, and for the Daydreamer shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this first time ever, I’m sparing no detail for a complete mind and body reset. In my exploration of the most tried-and-true strategies, such as hanging eucalyptus and returning to the humble bar of soap, I’ve landed on another time-tested accessory: the washcloth. But not just any ol’ washcloth: Since Goshi’s shower towel entered my life, it’s been hard to imagine my at-home beauty strategy, or the long winter ahead, without it.

Daydreamer s hoodie

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