Everyt-shirt – Draft Dog New England Football Shirt

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Hairstylist Mickiela Smith of Mmsmith calls this “the go-to multitasker for all hair types,” and notes it can be easily cocktailed with your other favorite styling products. Smith lauds its reparative and moisturizing properties, but adds that users should “use discretion on the amount based on your hair density and porosity/condition.”

Draft Dog New England Football Shirt

This leave-in mist brings softness to dry hair. It’s extremely lightweight and packed with amino acids and enzymes that protect strands from damage, as well as Vitamin B2 to strengthen strands.

Draft Dog New England Football Shirt hoodie den

Eden BodyWorks’ formula is another one of Miller’s favorites due to its detangling power. “I feel like when my hair has been over-styled, I grab this product to bring it back to life in the process of prep and style.”

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